Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Relationship with Landmark Education (7th Jan 2012)

Some of you know about Landmark Education ( while some of you are hearing about it for the first time. I was introduced to Landmark in 1996 by one of my good friend. I was at home, he came over, started talking general stuff, then suddenly he asked me, “Do you have money?”, I said I might have some, he grew up in Saudi, always seemed a nice guy, we got along quite well, then he said “Do you want to improve your life?”, I found it hilarious, thought he was trying to trick me or something, controlling my laughter I requested him to elaborate on what he was trying to tell me, he went on to explain what it was and that’s how my relationship with Landmark began. I signed-up for the Landmark Forum, liked it a lot, got everyone in my family to participate, went on to do the Advanced Course, participated in the seminar series, signed up for the Self-Expression and Leadership Program (SELP), turns out that as part of this program all the participants needed to do a project, any project of their choice and liking, I listened to some of the participants projects, was very impressed, for some reason I could not figure out what project I wanted to take on myself, decided to quit mid-way, never went back to Landmark again.

After about 12 years later, in Mar 2008, got up one day, out of the blue, googled up Landmark, got their phone number, called them up, registered for the upcoming Forum in May 2008 at San Jose, was happy to be back. The first day of the program was awesome, brought back old memories, the second day was trouble, how should I put this, well, there was this one amazing girl, I simply adored and worshiped her like for a couple of years then, me being a hopeless romantic and all, got over-inspired by the program leader, called her up, asked her to be my girl-friend, not a good idea, I know what you are thinking, maybe the relationship will work-out, anyways, she outright rejected me, I was sad, we never spoke again, that was that. I went on to do the Advanced Course, Seminar Series, Access to Power Communication Course, Power to Create Communication Course, finally signed up for the Introduction Leadership Program, did not want to go anywhere near the SELP program, was very excited about everything, half way through the program, just like before, my enthusiasm level dropped, I wanted to quit, started skipping some of the sessions, the program leader gave me a couple of warnings, finally removed me out of the ILP.

There’s more. It never ends, does it. Couple of months ago, just before thanks-giving, I introduced myself to one of the senior leaders, shared about my views on life, requested him to allow me to contribute at Landmark in a higher capacity level, he liked my thoughts and ideas, got me in touch with one of the project leaders working on creating a revolutionary online educational and transformational program for the graduates, I just spent the past five hours completing an online survey, answering questions about my creative, technical and ontological skill-sets, tomorrow at 7 pm I have my first call with the project lead, hoping to be selected for this project, it’s one of my dream project, wish me luck.

So what you gather from all of this, the question that we can ask our-self is did we quit on something we could not figure out, start losing our enthusiasm, simply moved on for twelve years, get kicked out of something important to us, stop participating, stop observing our actions, take the ignorant pathway, over-express our-self, stop brainstorming, stop being a good friend. If the answer is yes, then now is the time to be over-inspired, to take a deep breath, to set our priorities straight, to find the right balance, to find our self-confidence, to seek wisdom, to eat healthy, to grow and prosper, to forgive someone, to be gentle, to pursue our dreams, to light the fire inside us, to know we are safe, to be grateful, to heal our wounds, to introduce our-self to a leader, to admire our heroes, to live our dream life. “Landmark, thank you for being part of my life, being a leader is always in my heart and mind, as much as I have struggled to make progress, I promise that I will do whatever it takes to build a strong relationship with becoming more effective at enrolling people into Landmark”. Finally, I strongly recommend Landmark’s programs for all of you and your loved ones.

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